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We know how important it is for carers to take a bit of time out for themselves- to relax, unwind and have some ‘me’ time! Read below for some more information on our Relax & Chill carers events. For more information or to book your place please contact


Come along and have a chat with Mandi Bishop, Meditation Teacher and Well-being Coach about our new Relax and Chill Sessions.  Over coffee and cake and a bit of relaxing music and chill out time, we can come up with something that not only will be a great relaxation space for you but other Parent Carers too.

What it Might Look Like: 

    • Some basic relaxation and meditation techniques to lovely relaxing music and aromatherapy oils.
    • Not only will you learn a variety of meditation techniques, you will develop the confidence to develop your own practice in your own home (or via walking meditation) and create your own meditation and relaxation space. 
    • You will understand what motivates you but also what can de-rail you and you will come to appreciate life more and develop a more contented perspective and enjoy the simpler things in life. 
  • We might want to talk about the practicalities of maintaining a healthy diet while juggling roles as Parent Carers and doing that on a budget!  We could learn about mindful eating if you want!


  • We might want to spend 45 minutes doing something creative – mindfully of course!“What would my perfect relaxation and chill session look like?  What do I want to learn?


  • Just come along to the first session and let’s shape this together.  I would ask you to bring a notebook and pen, wear something comfy and just come with an open mind.  I guarantee that if it’s relaxation time you are after, this is the right thing for you. 
  • You might have read lots of books and downloaded many apps on how to meditate or become more mindful. Unfortunately, books and apps rarely give the guidance and support needed from an experienced professional. They are often more helpful once you have learnt to meditate as a way of enhancing your experience and knowledge.
  • You do not have to be religious or even particularly spiritual to learn to meditate – you just need a desire and curiosity to approach life’s challenges in a different way and lead a calmer more contented life.Why is this Course Different?: It offers a realistic and successful approach to those at the starting point of learning to meditate – no chanting and omming but a blend of different types of meditation and mindfulness living techniques that you can learn in a comfortable and supportive environment. It combines life coaching which addresses the reality of our lives and the obstacles we might face and helps us to overcome those and bring meditation into our lives forever.What are Your Qualifications and Experience?: Mandi is a qualified Meditation Teacher with the British School of Meditation and a qualified and experienced Life Coach. Mandi is about to qualify with the British School of Meditation to become a Trainer and will be running training courses from May for those who wish to teach meditation (for those with an established practice).  She has vast experience in teaching and facilitating meditation and health and well-being courses and retreats, including experience within the NHS as a Health Trainer.  She is passionate about enabling everyone to reach their potential via good health. How Will You Benefit?: You will learn to develop your own meditation practice and a more mindful and connected way of life. This will help you to enjoy life more, develop a more positive perspective and learn techniques to deal with stress and anxiety and feelings of overwhelm when they arise.  Not only that, you will be connected to a regular supportive meditation group where you will continue to learn and develop and feel connected to other like-minded people.Owner and Founder of Work and Life Balance Dates and times:Friday 20th April 10-11am, in the Tudor RoomFriday 15th June 10-11am, in the Tudor Room Please bring a bottle of water with you.


  • Cost £2.50 per person per session!

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